Pandora’s Box

Why does evil exist in the world?

The question has haunted humans from the beginning, and people in all cultures and in all parts of the world have struggled to answer it.  The story of Pandora’s Box is one of the timeless narratives our grade 7/8 class read in the past month, and the students wrestled with the idea of evil, and hopeful solutions, as they filled their own Pandora’s boxes.

And the ideas they came up with were riveting!  Students took this assignment and ran with it, coming up with clever ways of representing the evils of the world as they see them, and supporting their opinions with data and background information.  Each student stated what they believed was the world’s greatest evil, and provided a solution for correcting it.  Best of all, the 7/8s represented a hope for the world that they included in their boxes.  As I always am with this group of students, I was impressed to see the depth of their thinking,  their commitment to finding out more, and their search for solutions.

Enjoy some samples of the 2017 version of Pandora’s Box:


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